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Digital Medical and Medicine Management System

Khulna Sadar, Khulna Sadar, Khulna - 9100
Digital Medical and Medicine Management System
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Digital Doctor and AI Prescription Management System

Doctors can make fully accurate diagnosis, drug selection and digital prescription with the help of artificial intelligence of the system. Patients can book online appointments with doctors located in the country or abroad and can also see the doctor by visiting the chamber or through a virtual chamber. Patient can send request for home collection of diagnosis at home and diagnosis report can be uploaded by patient himself or in lab assistant system of diagnostic center. The diagnostic report will reach the doctor. The doctor can view and modify the prescription which the patient or the doctor's PA can print from his dashboard. A doctor can join as many live, virtual chambers or hospitals as he wants. In virtual chambers, doctors can see patients online through telemedicine. The doctor can monitor the condition of the patient at all times wherever he is located and can provide various instructions including patient case-studies, prescription changes. If the patient's condition changes, the patient himself, the doctor's PA or the hospital nurse can add the patient case-studies. If the patient adds a case-study, an SMS will be sent to the doctor's mobile, the doctor can change the patient's prescription accordingly. A prescription can assess the patient's current condition by viewing the patient condition graphics. As time changes, a doctor will also move forward with modern technology, the country will change to advanced digital medical management.


Bangladesh is Number One in Digital Medical Management.
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