Digital Medical and Medicine Management System

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Digital Medical and Medicine Management System
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“May all be happy, may all be healed, may all be at peace and may no one ever suffer."

Lessons of Peace

“O God, the Originator of the world, remove from us all sorrows, vices, and ignorance and give us that which is good and holy.”

“Peace be upon the world, the underworld and the world. May water, herbs and plants be peaceful. May everyone be happy and may everything be peaceful. May there be peace everywhere. May I have that peace too.”

 “He who considers the happiness and sorrow of the universe as his own happiness and sorrow, in my opinion, he is the greatest yogi.”

“The whole world is one family.”

Goals and Objectives

“My Bengal of gold, I love you”. We started this journey with the firm conviction of building a healthy, strong, disease-free Sonar Bangla using information and communication technology. Choosing the right medicine from thousands of brands is a daunting task for a doctor. Our system uses Artificial Narrow Intelligence-ANI's Cognitive Science technology to help a doctor create a digital prescription by collaborating in a variety of areas, from diagnosis to diagnosis, to drug selection. This will allow doctors to easily ensure proper treatment and add a patient's condition to their database at home, according to which the doctor will be able to change his or her prescription immediately. Our dream is to consult a doctor at home or abroad, to make a diagnosis, to buy medicine, to book a hospital bed, to call an ambulance if an ambulance is needed, and to do everything medical at home using only his mobile phone.

Users will get a graphical dashboard. You can take a doctor's appointment at home, book a hospital bed, ambulance, buy medicine from a pharmacy, request a test at a diagnostic center. With the help of D-2's (Digital Doctor's) artificial intelligence system, you can create your own prescription. By clicking on the user manual option on the top right side of each page, you can view the usage guide (PDF, PowerPoint, web page, Facebook video and YouTube video).

Digital Medical and Medicine Management System - DM3S

Digital Medical & Medicine Management System integrates all sectors of the health sector (Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Yoga Doctors, Ambulances, Chambers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Diagnostic Centres, Hospitals and Pharmacies) in an integrated interactive technology implementation which is a first in the world. All medical information of a person throughout his life will be stored under one user ID. The patient can take online appointment of doctors located in the country or abroad and can also see the doctor by visiting the chamber or through the virtual chamber. The doctor will create the prescription with the help of our artificial intelligence, resulting in completely accurate and correct diagnosis and medicine selection. User can get diagnosis, preferred hospital bed, ambulance booking and buy medicine from home. The diagnostic report will automatically reach the doctor. The doctor will see that and change the prescription which the user can print from his dashboard. With the help of D2AI (Digital Doctor Artificial Intelligence), the helpless patient can prepare his own prescription. This is our modern medical system that will guide the whole world and will be the lifeline of millions of people.

Bangladesh is Number One in Digital Medical Management.
To be happy, beautiful, healthy, wealthy, hale and long-lived stay with DM3S.